Why should you choose a Digital Marketing career in India 2020

Digital Marketing is a platform where things change rapidly. With innovations that occur in digital media every day the new marketing automation tools and technology that are adopted in 2020 can soon be replaceable with new adaptive technologies.

Digital Marketing being very dynamic, this field lacks necessary skilled talents. According to statista, there are almost 4.54 billion active internet users as of January 2020, which encompasses 59 percent of global population. With Facebook having 2.4 billion monthly active users.

Digital marketing jobs in Recession?

With Coronavirus pandemic, that hit the global market, the Economy is going to have the deepest dive of all times more severe than 2008 recession as per nytimes. During this pandemic, most of the businesses who had their digital presence could easily deal with these lockdown days which further triggers other businesses to make their digital presence.

With these changes, the Digital Marketing industry will need more and more skilled talents to meet the requirements of the rapidly changing digital marketing industry which serves business in all verticals.

Need of the right talent in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is not a part of the Indian education system, so finding the right talent as per industry standards is hard. Many of management institutions conduct short term courses for students like workshops or seminars. Many of the Digital Marketing training institutes in India provide training for students to meet industry standards. A few of well-known institutes are Digital Vidya, DSIM etc.

How can you start a Digital Marketing Career?

If you are passionate in Social Media, have good communication and basic technical skills. You can learn digital marketing by implementing your knowledge.

The best way to learn Digital Marketing is by practicing.As Digital marketing is rapidly changing field, it keeps everyone on toes, as trend keeps changing and updating every other day, digital marketers have to adapt accordingly.

Newbies can start learning from various Free Digital Marketing course certification, few are listed below

  1. Google Digitally Unlocked Certification
  2. Google Adwords Certification
  3. Google Analytics Certification
  4. Facebook Blueprint
  5. Hubspot inbound marketing, content marketing and Email marketing Certification.

There are various other sources available online to learn digital marketing. You can get started by building your own personal brand and portfolio to make your digital presence. You can start writing blogs,make short videos, generate website traffic, implement google analytics etc. So that you get an understanding of SEO,SMM,SEM etc. You can join a Facebook group in your niche.You need to be a continuous practitioner to stay in line with dynamically changing industry trends.

Job profiles in Digital Marketing? How to choose the one that is right for you?

Digital marketing is very vast and versatile, it caters to various vertical segments of business making it more dynamic and fascinating. For example, if a person comes with a business plan or a product, to a digital marketing agency, they can cater him right from website building, website SEO, social media marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing thereby building a solid brand presence, To get in customers they can further run Facebook ads, google ads generate leads and nurture them via email marketing, based on needs of the customer. So you can understand how digital marketing can give you a whole lot of things under one platform. With so many things to do on this platform, there are various designations based on their expertise for Digital Marketers.

Job profiles in Digital Marketing
Content Writer/Copywriter
Email marketing strategist
Social media engagement and marketing manager
Search engine optimization (SEO) Executive
Influencer Marketing
Search engine marketing(SEM) Executive
Video production and marketing Executives.
Mobile marketing startegist
Blogger & Affiliate Marketer
Web designer
E-commerce marketing specialist.
Analytics Expert

These are the various roles you can learn and excel depending on your talent and expertise. If you are working with a startup its very likely that you will get to learn various things in one platform. You can work on various profiles and consider which is best for you.

If you are working with a MNCs, which have process defined and job profiles based on domain expertise , you may end up learning or having knowledge in one particular domain only . So you have to discover your niche area in which your passion lies in various segments of Digital Marketing and start learning.

Digital Marketing Salaries in India?

Salaries mentioned are just a random amount provided for general understanding and may vary based on industry and designations.

DesignationExperience(in years)Salary(in Lakhs P.A)
Digital Marketing Executive0-21.5-3.5
Digital Marketing TL3-52-5
Digital Marketing Manager5-85-10
Digital Marketing Director10+10-30
Digital Marketing Salaries

With that being said, digital marketing is one of the best career to choose in 2020.


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